Life Is Better on a Journey

Im in a pickle currently. A few months ago I landed in a pretty cool startup for my first rails development role after leaving my development bootcamp SINY. The experience was amazing, everyday I felt like I was dreaming, I learned alot, spent time with really cool people and became the professional developer I had dreamed about for almost everyday for 2 years. That lasted for 6 months and then my company pivoted. While Im still good friends with everybody, I am now currently looking for a new job, one that pays more and has a bigger team for me to work with. The problem is, Im facing a lack of some quintessential Comp Sci knowledge and without that knowledge, employers have a tough time trusting in my abilities that I currently possess. But people in my opinion should try to spend less time worrying about their problems and more time fixing it. And So….

Ive decided that now I am going to start taking Moocs to bridge the gap. Ive heard a lot of wonderful things about people in general who take moocs and take them seriously. I personally find it hard to think that an employer would deny me a role at their place of work, if I’ve taken a number of online high level theoretical computer science courses, gained the knowledge, passed them all and did it all on my own accord. But even more rewarding for me as being the proud owner of a bachelors degree in Biology, is the mere thought of me finishing these courses on my own time and effectively self teaching myself to a high degree these already complicated topics. I would be so proud of myself, I don’t think I would know how to handle myself after that feeling.

In that spirit, I am currently taking Harvards cs50 on edx. This course is definitely a challenge but its not foreign to me, Ive been programming for a year almost 2 years now. I’m already very familiar with what a web developer job entails and the kind of character a person needs to cultivate in order to be successful doing this type of work. I really love this course because it is very thorough and to actually finish it would mean that I will have become very well versed in the C language. C is a language that Ruby was actually buit on top of and is still very widely in use for ruby development in the Ruby MRI implementation and even some standard ruby gems that I use today. Its essentially the equivalent of me learning a mother tongue, it will lead to some greater level of understanding of rubys innerworkings along the way. And that to me is a freeing experience.

I don’t know man, I have a lot going on. But on the other side of pain and torture there is peace and a better life, so thats why im challenging myself to know rather than to fold and cry. This is legit what dreams are made of. See you guys soon