Remembering My First Day

This is a post I wrote to myself on October 13th 2014 on my First day at the Startup Institute. I feel it’s always good to look back at where you are coming from. If not for learning then at the very least, its good for the feelings of Nostalgia.

Day 1

Today, Was my very first day at SINY. It was ducking awesome to say the least. I arrived 30 mins early for the 930 start. At the beginning we had a meet and greet over bagels and coffee. I met with some of the folks of the web dev track. A lot of the guys, no matter what culture they came from, they had a similar air to myself. It was pretty surreal getting to meet them, because I met them in contrast to other tracks and inherintely different personality types. It’s pretty weird how similar we are per track. Very eerie

Shaun, started the morning by giving us a history talk of how SINY actually came to be via TechStars. He then also gave us a very useful talk about why some startups fail because bad management of human capital by throwing money at problems instead of the more passionate person. He then lead the conversation into a more engaged autogogy. He asked us to ask him all of our burning questions. The rest of the talks of the morning was guided by the introduction of Lucea, Kelsey, and Allison. They introduced themselves through what their interests were and also what they specialized in at the startup institute.

We reviewed code of conduct, class style, schedule, what success looks like and then we left for lunch. Lunch was pretty damn dope, because we have a full on lounge in the building which was pretty damn cool. Plastic forks spoons, fruit infused water, unlimited beer and even tea!

When we came back from lunch, we did an exercise about what are our weak points and strengths from an emotional stand point. That was pretty cool, I got a chance to see what all of the different people in my track had a insecurity about and what made them more happy throughout life. And to cap it off, we was given a project by a startup named “Stray Boots” which basically had us exploring all of wall st. Learning about the history of the area. Wall st. Is a very old and interesting place, basically now I can understand how it became so popular.

I can already tell, this is going to be exciting.